How can Thorite add value?

How can Thorite add value?Of all the utilities, compressed air represents one of the largest opportunities for immediate cost reduction on any site. The Thorite 20:20 Vision Programme of Total Air Management makes genuine savings a reality, and Thorite can achieve this with little or modest investment.

Generating Compressed Air

Increasingly seen as the 4th Utility, generating compressed air consumes 10% of electricity supplied to industry - over 5 years, 71% of the cost of running a compressor is the cost of electricity. Typically as much as 30% of this valuable resource is lost through misuse, poor maintenance and system inefficiencies.

Thorite's team of knowledgeable and trained professionals consider all aspects of your compressed air requirements and advise accordingly what is 'fit-for-purpose' for your Company.  We include compressed air generation, filtering and conditioning, distribution, automation and tooling.

Our success has demonstrated reductions in electricity consumption of 30% through leak reduction projects, pressure control, the latest energy efficient variable speed compressor plant and reclaiming the heat generated for pre-heating of factory hot water.

Making Compressed Air Efficient

Compressed Air

Generating compressed air economically and efficiently is just one aspect.  The use of compressed air automates one of your company's most important investments – the production line. Downtime here can cost thousands and small improvements in production can see large increases in productivity and product quality.

Through its alliances with World Class manufacturers Thorite can offer;

  • The latest energy efficient products and solutions
  • Longer life products
  • Faster operating products
  • More cost effective solutions

Keeping abreast of these new developments is very time consuming and, for many Companies, very challenging.  Thorite however is constantly evaluating these products and then channelling the right new technology to the right Thorite Customers.  For instance, a key problem for high volume production lines is pneumatic valves that fail too frequently.  The line then has to be stopped so the valve can be changed or repaired, wasting valuable production time.  Many Thorite Customers have therefore benefitted from proven valve technology that lasts in excess of 10 times longer than standard valves.  These valves are extremely reliable and cost similar to standard valves.

Production line efficiency is however worthless if the quality of what you produce generates costly recalls and after-sales support.  Maintaining a consistent level of quality is crucial to ensuring improved return on investments.

Through continuous monitoring: feedback of status, condition and performance are now commonplace for many compressed air and pneumatic products, including air tools.  Air tools are no exception and with our industrial tool solutions you will produce at high quality levels constantly.  For example, our tightening control units enable you to error-proof complex assembly tasks and provide full traceability on the quality and sequence of operations.


Legislation and regulation, if not handled and understood correctly, can be an increasingly burdensome cost for any company:

  • Preventing contamination of products
  • Providing a safe working environment
  • Dealing with Hazardous Waste
  • Auditing and evaluating suppliers

"What is the effect on my business if the product is contaminated?"

"How can I ensure my employees are protected in a safe working environment?"

"Are we operating within the law in the way we generate and utilise compressed air?"

"Are we generating any Hazardous Waste and if so am I dealing with it environmentally?"

"Do my suppliers have the necessary breadth of knowledge and expertise to help me understand my requirements?"

"More importantly, can they work with me in a professional, efficient and cost effective manner?"


There are a wide range of legislation and regulations impacting on companies which are growing in their scope and complexity year by year.

Thorite are the experts in compressed air legislation and have the drive to form a lasting partnership with your objectives as the cornerstone.

At Thorite we have many years experience in dealing with legislation and regulations affecting health and safety and environmental issues. This experience is reinforced through our strong partnerships with the leading trade associations such as The British Compressed Air Society (BCAS). We understand the need to comply and get it right first time - as getting it wrong could be the costliest mistake a business might ever make!

Working to understand and comply with Customers obligations is a key element of Thorite's 20:20 Vision Programme.

A selection of some of the key regulations, codes of practice and best practice guidance:

BS6005 plastic bowls
ISO8573 air quality standards
Pressure System Safety Regulations
Pressure Equipment Directive
ISO12021:1999 Compressed air for breathing air
Personal Protection Equipment at Work Regulations (1998)
EN983 safety of machinery
Environmental compliance
Hazardous Waste Regulations
Risk assessments
Method Statements
Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (1998) PUWER
Noise at Work Regulations (1989)
Hand arm vibration
Noise level directive
FGas regulations
Food grade compressed air
Food Industry Regulations
EHEDG Food Grade Lubricants
Medical gas systems


Buying efficiently means striking the correct balance between the price you pay and the service you receive. Get this balance right and your costs will reduce. Get this balance wrong however and you could see your costs increase through overdue deliveries, unexpected charges (e.g. carriage, quick delivery premiums and price premiums), poor quality products, poor back up and support. In order to reduce costs further, many companies are trying to get this balance right whilst at the same time reducing the number of suppliers they deal with.

This means that buying from suppliers who are restricted through lack of experience, compressed air solutions not being a core skill, or only having access to a limited range of manufacturers might no longer be best for your company.  A better way forward is to form a close relationship with a professional partner who can properly understand your real business needs and deliver real on-going benefits.

Thorite understands that compressed air is very important to industry and cannot be treated as any other commodity or as an add-on product range.  This is why Thorite specialise in Total Air Management and in doing so have formed strong working partnerships with all of the leading compressed air and pneumatics manufacturers. This independent approach ensures that the service we deliver is always right for your business and offers true value for money.


For many businesses the capital tied up in holding spares for Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) purposes can be many thousands of pounds.  This is often based on recommendations from machine suppliers and is not always the most effective and efficient means of protecting your operations from lost production due to breakdown.  It is also common that this stock is used inefficiently with some products being old, obsolete or out of warranty, some products being duplicated, and at the other extreme bins allocated for critical items being empty.  Reducing the investment in MRO stock will free up capital.  However, the time and effort required to achieve this is a barrier to many companies.

Thorite has a team who identify cost saving opportunities within stores.  We do this from the information we gather having first conducted a stores survey.  Immediate cost saving opportunities can often arise by improving stock management through such processes as stock rationalisation, standardisation, consignment stock or stock back.

Identifying the right stock management plan is an essential element of Thorite's 20:20 Vision.