Engineering Support

Support from specialists is more important today than at any other time.  Being experts in every discipline of your business is impossible, but it is expert knowledge that adds value to your operations.  Thorite currently employs 100 people including:

  • 12 fully trained Key Account Managers
  • 7 Application Engineers
  • 15 Service Engineers
  • 4 Installation Engineers

Thorite invests heavily in staff training which is enhanced by their many years of industry experience.  In fact, Thorite employs the most knowledgeable and experienced staff in the industry.

By working together with Thorite you can be assured that any problem or application will be dealt with promptly and properly, allowing you more time and resources to concentrate on your customers and product development.  In summary Thorite's 20:20 Vision Programme will ensure that your manufacturing systems deliver to you quality product at lower unit costs for the minimum of expenditure.