The Thorite 20:20 Vision
Total Air Management Programme

Thorite 20:20Thorite 20:20 Vision – Total Air Management Programme

A unique cost saving programme, designed and perfected over the years, utilises the wealth of experience and knowledge within Thorite to provide you with real cost savings.

Thorite is THE specialist in compressed air management.  Using compressed air efficiently cannot be achieved by focusing on individual parts such as the compressor or the pneumatics alone.  A professional, all round vision, incorporating specification, installation, pneumatic circuitry, tooling, maintenance, legislation, system efficiency, health & safety, logistics, stock and price is needed to reduce costs and improve production.

As THE specialist, in the efficient management of compressed air and pneumatic systems, Thorite take a clear and comprehensive view of YOUR requirements, providing YOU with eight practical benefits:-

  1. Reduced purchasing costs through single sourcing of multiple supplier brands.
  2. Inventory cost savings through stock management.
  3. Energy and money savings by identifying and eliminating leaks and with the utilisation of the latest technology.
  4. Improvements in reliability and performance leading to reduced downtime and maintenance costs.
  5. Lower carbon emissions through reduced electricity consumption and more efficienct drives and control.
  6. Improved performances from better specification of pneumatic systems.
  7. Adherence and guidance on relevant legislation including Health & Safety guidelines, Codes of Practice and relevant regulations.
  8. Better utilisation of compressed air and pneumatic equipment.

An efficiently designed and maintained compressed air system can save a business thousands of pounds each year through minimising production down time and improving productivity.

Just consider the potential cost to a business due to loss of production as a result of an interruption in compressed air supply.

Effective management of the compressed air system is a very effective and efficient way of increasing profits.

The Thorite 20:20 Vision - Total Air Management Programme makes such savings and improvements a reality.

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