Supply, Installation & Commissioning

Air generation is seen as the single highest energy cost for a manufacturing business.  By careful analysis of a company's needs, correct selection of equipment can be established to meet the needs of the present and the future.  Whether this is a compressor installation or control system attention is paid to energy consumption, flexibility, usage, quality and cost.

Supply and Install

How equipment and systems are installed and interfaced within your company is therefore also very important to ensure the full benefits are realised - for this reason installation and commissioning is a key element of Thorite's 20:20 Vision Programme.  An example of this is the correct installation and commissioning of pipe work systems and air generation plant.  This greatly enhances cost savings and leads to smoother manufacturing systems.  Letting Thorite get this right first time allows your business to spend time on your custom ers' requirements, rather than trying to deal with the consequences of poorly installed systems.

Thorite also recognises that with any electro-mechanical equipment or system, things can go wrong from time to time.  Consequently our 20:20 Vision Programme includes tailored training on any Thorite system thereby ensuring the benefits to your company are on-going.

The correct approach to installation and commissioning is a key element of the Thorite 20:20 Vision Programme.