True Cost Audit & Analysis

Key areas of analysis include costs of ordering, stock valuation and movement, energy consumption by plant/production line, and equipment efficiency.true cost audit

Thorite will carry out a comprehensive survey on all compressed air, pneumatic, vacuum, tooling and hydraulic (fluid power) stock and applications.

This will include the following:

  • Full inventory stock take.
  • Correct identification of all parts and manufacturers' part numbers.
  • Itemise and catalogue all stocked items.
  • Review all maximum and minimum stock levels.
  • Identify redundant stock, fast moving stock and critical items.
  • Adjustments to stock profile.
  • MRO stock valuation.

The resulting reports will identify what can actually be achieved in terms of reducing your buying costs; reducing your energy consumption; reducing downtime; and improving efficiency. The conclusions will also identify what, if any, investments are required and pay back forecasts.